The proposed feature would allow clients to invite sub-users to access and manage specific aspects of their accounts. This addition would streamline the account management process for clients with multiple team members or collaborators.
Feature Overview: Client Sub-User Invitation Capabilities
Sub-User Invitation and Management:
Enable clients to send email invitations to team members, colleagues, or partners directly from their account dashboard. Clients should be able to manage these sub-users, including adding, editing, and removing access permissions as needed.
Customizable Access Permissions:
Provide clients with the ability to customize access permissions for each sub-user. This could include view-only access, edit access, or full administrative control over specific sections or the entire account.
Activity Logs and Notifications:
Implement activity logs and notifications for the primary account holder, allowing them to monitor the actions taken by sub-users within their account. This feature would help maintain transparency and accountability among team members.
Easy Collaboration and Communication:
Incorporate collaboration tools, such as in-app messaging or comment features, to facilitate communication between the primary account holder and sub-users. This would enable seamless collaboration and information sharing without needing to rely on external tools or platforms.
Permission-Based Reporting:
Allow primary account holders to access reports on sub-user activities, including changes made to the account, projects completed, and time spent on various tasks. This feature would be particularly useful for tracking team performance and optimizing workflow efficiency.
The implementation of this feature would provide several benefits, including improved account management, enhanced collaboration, and increased transparency for clients. Additionally, it would help position our software as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for businesses with multiple stakeholders or team members.
I kindly request that you evaluate the feasibility of implementing this feature and consider it for inclusion in a future software update.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out.