Overview: This feature request is to add a duplicate check functionality to the "Import Account (csv Upload)" feature in Partner Center. Currently, there is no way to check for duplicate entries when importing account information via a CSV file. By implementing this feature, users will be able to identify and remove duplicate entries, improving the accuracy and quality of their data.
Problem: Without a duplicate check function, users risk importing duplicate entries when uploading account information via a CSV file. This can lead to data inaccuracies and errors, as well as wasted time and resources spent manually identifying and removing duplicates.
Use Cases: A user has a large list of account information that they need to upload to the platform via a CSV file. With the duplicate check feature, the user can easily identify and remove any duplicate entries before uploading the data, improving the accuracy of the account information.
Design Details: The duplicate check feature should be able to identify duplicate entries based on standard fields such as CompanyName, phone, email, contact name, as well as any custom fields created by the user. Users should be able to choose which fields to use for the duplicate check, and the system should provide a clear report of any duplicate entries that are found.
Users should be able to choose from several options for handling the duplicate entries found during the check. They should be able to skip the duplicate entries and only import the unique entries, overwrite the duplicate entries with the new data, or update the duplicate entries with the new data.
Impact: This feature will significantly improve the accuracy and quality of the data on the platform. It will save time and resources by preventing the need for manual duplicate identification and removal, and reduce the risk of data inaccuracies and errors.
Priority: This feature is critical to the success of the product as it aligns with our goal of providing accurate and high-quality data on the platform. It will improve the user experience and reduce the workload for users who currently need to manually identify and remove duplicate entries. As such, it should be prioritized as a high-priority feature for the next product roadmap cycle.