I've been utilizing the reporting features extensively and appreciate the value they bring. However, I believe there's room for improvement that could significantly enhance our strategic decision-making process.
I propose the addition of the following KPIs to the Metrics section of our dashboard, with month-over-month percentage changes for each:
  1. Net MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): Revenue net of usage and processing fees. This will provide a clearer picture of our actual revenue growth.
  2. Number of Customers: Essential for tracking business expansion and market penetration.
  3. Customer Churn: Critical for assessing customer retention and service quality.
  4. Average Customer Value (ACV): Helps in understanding the revenue potential and customer segmentation.
  5. Total Usage Billing: Offers insight into how our services are being consumed and billed.
Integrating these metrics would not only streamline our performance monitoring but also enable us to quickly gauge the health of the business and our progress towards achieving our goals.