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Product Fixes: 2024-06-06

[Business App] Create and save new Forms in Business App > CRM > Forms.
[Platform: Campaigns] Email deliverability to Outlook-based email service providers have returned to normal.
[Platform: CRM] GP is recognized as a valid state code for addresses in South Africa when importing Account lists.
[Platform: CRM] Generate Snapshot Reports from the main Companies table in Partner Center.
[Platform: CRM] Update Business Profiles from Partner Center > Accounts > Business Profile.
[Platform: Snapshot Report] Update Facebook URLs in the Social section of Snapshot Reports.
[Platform: Task Manager] Create new projects in Task Manager.
[Platform: Task Manager] An Account's business category as set in their Business Profile in Partner Center > Accounts > Business Profile shows accurately in Task Manager.
[Products: Reputation Management] Filter reviews to see only those "Without response."
[Products: Social Marketing] TikTok connection status displays accurately in Social Marketing > Insights > Post Performance.
[Products: Social Marketing] Drag and drop grouped posts (posts created to distribute to multiple social networks) in the calendar to easily re-schedule their publication.