Add more AI to your workflow and get more bang for your ad campaign bucks with this week’s updates.
Marketing Services
Bing has joined Google on the list of channels in which Marketing Services leverages smart optimization technology across search, display, and social ads to deliver great results for all new and existing Search Campaigns.
Social Marketing
Craft responses to social media comments with AI.
Linkedin account connections that have been manually re-connected within the past 12 months will auto-refresh every 90 days going forward. Accounts last re-connected over 12 months ago will need to be manually refreshed once to activate the automatic re-connect going forward.
Images posted to Instagram and Facebook display in the order uploaded.
Website Pro
Upgrade your sites to PHP version 8.1 today to stay up to date so that your and your clients' websites are not at risk of being exploited by security vulnerabilities.
Other Products
[Business App] Date filter in multi-location Reputation Management displays consistently.
[Business App] Accounts created from a partner will be added to the market of that store.
[Business App] Custom reporting funnel settings are preserved.
[Marketplace] Discover Products loads all relevant results.
[Reputation Management] Bing listing syncs address accurately.