Send data in and out of Vendasta with Zapier to make ideal workflows for you and your customers. With Vendasta's new Zapier app, you can connect almost anything to the CRM in Business App (and in Partner Center too).
Automatically bring new contacts into Business App from any outside system via Zapier. Partners can use the new Vendasta Zapier integration on behalf of their business clients to send contacts from any app that works with Zapier into the Business App CRM. For example, if you have a client using Shopify, they'll be able to add new customers to the Business App CRM. Similarly, if a client is using Google Forms to survey customers on their website, they can have respondents automatically added as contacts in Business App.
There's no need to worry about duplicates. If you do already have that email address in your CRM, our Zapier app won鈥檛 create a new contact but it will record that the contact downloaded your guide.
Partners can build the Zapier workflow on behalf of their customers, or let SMBs build their own Zapier workflows by giving them the link to access the Vendasta branded Zapier App if it fits your business model.
December 18th update:
Created by Jehan Zouak
November 29, 2023