Set a Primary Category for Businesses. An enhancement for businesses aiming to refine their online presence. Soon, businesses can designate their core specialization, aligning with industry standards observed by Google and Apple. As a part of this change, we will also expand our limit of 3 categories to 10 to also match other sources. The Primary and expanded Additional categories will sync out to our Listing Sync Pro and our Listing Distribution partners.
Here's how it works:
Automatic Set-Up: For most businesses, we streamline the process by automatically setting the primary category based on data sourced from Google. This ensures accuracy and saves valuable time.
Partner Collaboration: In cases where automatic setup isn't feasible, or if there's a discrepancy between our system and Google's primary category, we leverage the expertise of you, our partners. Through the Local SEO admin dashboard, partners will be able to view the categories set on a business, and see a suggested Primary Category. From there you can select the most suitable primary category for businesses.
API Partners: The first category sent for a location will be used as the Primary Category.